“Guru Freddy’s camp was an awesome experience for us all. We never knew each one of us had an amazing skill of sustaining ourselves. With all your instructions and assistance, our confidence in team work and leadership has immensely improved. We want to sincerely thank all the instructors and assistant instructors for the patience they held all this time. We would also like to thank the cooks who made and served us food. It was very tasty and healthy. All of us enjoyed it to the fullest. Finally we would like to add that this was a brilliant experience for us all. Hope to come again. Keep up the good work. God bless.” (Rudolph Fernandes, Hotel Management Group, Christ University, Bangalore,  2-Jul-2010)

“We the staff and students of SYA visited Guru Freddy’s Academy this day. It was really awesome and wonderful and thrilling too. We like to say, loved all the activities and adventurous events. The food provided also was tasty and hygienic. I personally feel its worth visiting this place. Thanks to all the personnel of this academy. We enjoyed it thoroughly. Not to forget the cooperation and encouragement given by the personnel of this academy.” (Chaya Sharma, Sadashiv Nagar Youth Association, Bangalore,24–Dec-2012)

“This whole stay was like a cocktail of emotions in my mind. Name it and I had experienced it! Fear, joy, exalted, shocked, triumphant, distressed…..how absolutely wondrous. It was a sheer joy to have gone through this rigorous yet relaxing 3-day course away from the cement jungle! ON BTW: THE FOOD WAS FANTABULOUS! I hope to see you guys again…..soon!” (Pallavi, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad, 26-Jan-2013)

Okay. I was very afraid before coming here. I knew I wouldn’t be able to do any task here. I just came to enjoy with friends. But! I’m a completely new person now. I have realised my potential and stamina! Thank you so much to all of you, for the love, encouragement and motivation. Thank you so very much. Also, the food was super awesome! Thanks a lot! Keep exploring!” (Samyukta, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, 8-Feb-2013)

Three days! 3 awesome days. The word is awesome. A place to discover your skills, potential, confidence and above all “yourself”. Who would have thought of risking their life in a forest; but there is a change in a way of the way we used to think. It’s not can, it is ‘I have done’! Achieved a win over fear, height, night, insects, insecurities and what not. A place where each one enjoyed to their extreme limit. ‘Thank you Guru Freddy’s camp’. You people are awesome. You added a few pages of memories to our lives. Gentle, helpful……You are best. Thank you each one here. See you soon!” (Pranav Kumar, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore, 8-Feb-2013)

Pain worth it! We heard a lot from our friends me with about their experience at their OBT and we had come with certain expectations from it. But this trip went well beyond our expectations. So many of us did things we thought we would never do in our life times. Fear we had were shattered in the hills of Somanahalli. Thanks to all of you. We will forever cherish the hard work you will have put for us so that we have the best time at our OBT.” (Abhinav & Susan, Christ University Institute of Management, Bangalore, 14-Jul-2013)

This trip is the most awesome trip of life. I love the food, the jungle, the mountains. I realised that the Earth is a beautiful place and Forest is a wonder place.” (Deep & Shikha, National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad, 2-Nov-2014)