We are a Space for Outbound-Training Programmes:  For an experience of harnessing the power within.

The trainings are being imparted to Schools, Colleges, Business Management Students, Companies, National Cadet Core, National Social Service, Scouts and Guides, Urban or Rural Community Groups, Defence and Police Services across the country.

The Academy is situated south of Bangalore, at the base of a hillock called Gudappan Betta, which is 834 meters above sea level.  It is spread over 20 acres with lush greenery amidst beautiful rocky terrain replete with all the training facilities, overlooking the Bannerghatta forest. We have a two-fold purpose.


  1. Being a reference point for creating and protecting balance within nature. We are achieving this by nurturing a Model eco-biosphere, which has been sculpted out of dedicated afforestation efforts carried out on total barren lands.
  1. To provide a reference point for people to aspire and create likewise, by enabling them to explore unchartered and unknown abilities within. We achieve this by delivering our training to cherish the basics of humanity; upholding the dignity of the Old Order and welcoming the honour of the New.


  1. Developing a culture of self-sustained economy by organic farming, afforestation and creative living.
  2. Conducting nature awareness and adventure camps for training through camping in nature, trekking, rock-climbing, cave exploration, obstacle course, navigation and survival techniques in the forest.


Using available resources, we provide means for self-discovery nourishing values for cooperation and co-ordination to achieve end results.

Our training programmes support individuals to establish individual and group integrity by moulding a strong character through physical activities to inculcate human values.