We are an academy, providing Outbound Training Programmes for institutions or groups  of people only. Hence, our courses are designed for groups containing a minimum head count of 15 to 20 people since our training is centered around group dynamics for mentoring the performance of both the individuals and their teams. All the programmes are modelled for execution in a rustic environment, within the campus of the Academy itself. It is situated amidst rich flora and fauna at the base of a scenic hillock. Our courses are designed for delivery in an atmosphere of raw nature and have an inbuilt mechanism of producing direct experiential knowledge increasing awareness within.

The programmes are structured with a mix of fun and serious training, using adventure as a tool to nurture dynamic non-linear learning. It complements conventional teaching of educational institutions. Hence, we are master providers of a virtual environment that enables people to face life’s obstacles and overcome difficulties. We train our participants to internalise values and provide successful reference points for facing actual challenges in life. This aids in self discovery, leading to finding solutions within.


We have a standing track record of 25+ years of training experience. Our expertise has evolved with time and challenges on the field, catering to the needs of a vast range of beneficiaries. They include Educational and Corporate institutions; Police and Defence services of India; Urban and Rural communities;  International visitors; National Cadet Core, National Social Service, The Bharath Scouts and Guides.

We provide both female and male instructors in our trainings. They all function under the overall stewardship of the President of the Academy and adhere to the strictest discipline of the training tradition, serving the needs of humanity. The magnitude of people receiving the training has run into thousands every year.


This programme gets you acquainted with adventure in life. Activities include trekking cum cave-exploration and training with obstacle course and rappelling.

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We introduce night treks with campfires amidst wilderness. Special emphasis is laid on    training in rock-climbing, navigation skills and river-crossing techniques. Depending on the duration of the course, training is provided with varied degrees of intensity for enhancing physical and mental co-ordination abilities.

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This is designed to facilitate the participants to undergo a paradigm shift in life. The program structure and content is specially devised to enable self-discovery allowing one to experience a taste of being a valuable human being.

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This is exclusively meant to engineer the quality of Defence and Police personnel.