A wonderland in the world. You will find that you are closer to the creator here. No need of language. Only in silence. You find very deep connection with nature. We appreciate you. Without you, there is no this paradise.” (Josephine & Edward, Taiwan, 8-Aug-2010”

I have had such an amazing few days here. It really tested my courage. Thank you so much.” (Emilie, England, 13-Nov-2010)

Had a great time, especially the abseiling and the river crossing, I liked a lot. Thanks for all your help and your support.” (Jolien, Holland, 13-Nov-2010)

Thank you for taking care. It were 3 good days with a lot of new fun experiences. Participating with all the other students was also very nice. Keep on going.” (Eline, Netherlands, 13-Nov-2010)

“This is my first and tremendous sweet memorable experience. I am very much happy to give this opportunity to our children. I am so impressed, am sure I’m bringing our other under privileged children to experience this life skill opportunity. Once again thanks to all the team of Guru Freddy Gurukula.” (Saroja K.S, Chiguru, Bangalore, 24-Oct-2010)

“The two day camp at Guru Freddy’s Academy has been simply superb!!! The campus is excellent amidst a lot of greenery. The adventure activities that were organised for the children have been tremendously helpful for the children in learning life skills, overcoming fears, developing courage among others. Our children and also the staff from our partner organization Paraspara and Chiguru immensely benefitted from this exposure and have had a wonderful joyous experience during these two days. We are very thankful to the entire team at Guru Freddy’s Academy for making this trip and camp a very memorable experience. And last but not the least, we are also very thankful to all the cooks who provided us excellent food during the camp. Thank you very much! We will come back again soon with more children.” (Kiran Kumar H.S, Trustee-India Literary Project, Bangalore 24-October- 2010)

“We had a wonderful experience. We had to face challenges which helped us to overcome our fear and make us confident. The trainers are great and we learnt a lot of knowledge from them. The way of their training was superb. Given a chance, we will be visiting here again.” (Mr. Abid, Center in Charge – Muay Thai India, Pan India Martial Arts Team, 6-Dec-2011)

After long time, I came to the survival camp. So I was worried about it. But I enjoyed so much with all the fun activities and I had nice vegetarian food for 3 days. The teachers who took care of us I want to say thank you to all and I think I’m going back to home with all nice memories. I hope we will come again.” (Hayeong, Korea, 19-Jan-2014)

“This place is exactly like Switzerland in India.” (Oskar & team, Switzerland, Multiple visits – 2013 to 2016)