Freddy Van Der Borght (1936 – 2006), the Founder of the Academy, was a member of the Belgian royal line of European nobility. He was born into a family that was rich in heritage but meagre in means and middle class in standing. As a child, as per the family tradition of the European Nobility, he was trained in the Jesuit Order to be a priest. Having gotten four engineering degrees from European Universities, he became part of Lloyds of London. Later on, he started out on a passionate career carving the history of ship building industry in African Congo basin and went on to become a successful millionaire. In post world war-II period, as a survivor – in a quest for peace and global solutions amidst war-torn and disintegrated societal structures of Europe – he found his answers in the teachings of Unitive understanding and Universal brotherhood taught by Nataraja Guru in the World Peace Conferences held in Europe.

In a Gurukula system inside the Indian terrain, he was trained in the wisdom of the Absolute by his Guru. Ultimately, he became a successor to the Gurukula Parampara (a vertical hierarchical succession of the tradition). According to him, all Rishis were warriors and thus established a Training System (called Nataraja Gurukula) modelled along the lines of a Gurukula Warfare School to train body-mind coordination in individuals for balance and self-sufficiency.

The training heritage (an admixture of oriental wisdom with an occidental precision) is undertaken to aid character-building in individuals. It is modelled after a philosophy of “Simple Living and High thinking” for impacting Life-Style Management. It is an unfolding Vision for sharing. It is open to all (non sectarian, without distinction of race, religion, sex etc.) and designed for those who seek in living terms, to be effective and apply the Wisdom of the Absolute in their daily life.

According to Guru Freddy, the Earth faces grave danger due to three reasons:

  1.  Destruction of natural environment,
  2.  Breakdown of the moral fibre in humanity and
  3. Threat to integration of humanity.

He stood to combat these three problems and devised the solutions, with the precision of engineering genius, he was known for. He believed that Character Building is the key for protection of the environment and for ensuring integration of humanity. Thus he founded the Academy to systematically execute this vision in reality.

He was of the opinion that there is an urgent need on Earth for all the young people and the guarding custodians of our society (like the Police and Defence Services) to be immediately equipped with basic Life Skills of the art and science of nurturance so that they can play their part effectively to carve out the destiny of Protection on Earth. He handed over the reins of leadership during his life time into the hands of Swamini Mala – his qualified successor – to carry on this rich tradition. The Academy, in its very existence, is an ode to this commitment for a stand and a continuing reflection of a sacred heritage of thinking. It is an endeavour of holding out for the hope in humanity, for being and becoming what it aspires for.