The 5-day camp organised by Guru Freddy’s Academy gave good experience for our students. Really all the activities were wonderful and students gained confidence. The instructors and staff members of academy has given good guidance on each and every day. The students understood the value of nature and to protect the environment. The food was very tasty. Overall it was a very good experience for each and every student. Specially we are thankful for your accommodation arrangements for us.” (C.N. Ambalatharasu, Teacher-Velammal International School, Chennai, 7-Dec-2010)

Our group of 30 students and 4 teachers enjoyed our stay here. The activities arranged and the commitment of the trainers is commendable. The professionalism and arrangements are well appreciated.” (Sarala Mohan Raj, Teacher – Vidyanikethan School (Open School), Bangalore, 2-Feb-2012)

The visit to Sri Guru Freddy’s place is one of the unique trips our students have ever experienced. It was a good platform to confront fear. The trainers were professional, patient and very approachable to the students. We look forward to overnight camps here. We wish you all the best for betterment of all the novel ideas and visions implemented and we hope good-luck.” (Staff Rep – Sri Aurobindo Memorial School, Bangalore, 6-Feb-2102)

 “Today was a wonderful experience for students and teachers of CMR NPS, in terms of excitement, enjoyment of nature and more importantly a nice break from the monotony of the classroom. We found the organisers/instructors very friendly and professional in their outlook. Things went off smoothly and we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. We will surely give a good feedback at school so that more students come here for this excursion.” (Shashi, Teacher- CMR National Public School, Bangalore, 28-Aug-2012)

This is my 2nd visit to this awesome place. Very systematic organised staff and their care. Their professionalism – it can vouch to. With my grade 3 & 4 students, each year, I have an awesome experience. My children, they get exposed to nature and all the adventurous activities. I just pray to God each year, this journey continues and God shower blessings on these wonderful people who work for nature selflessly. God bless them. Me and my staff rejoice these moments spent over here always!!!” (Rekha Sinha, Coordinator-Vibgyor School, Bangalore, 27- Sep-2012)

Today was a very special day for all the children and their accompanying teachers. The trainers deserve a special thanks for being very encouraging and affectionate. Children loved the trek very much and enjoyed a lot.” (H. Geetha, Manjula, Radhika, Staff of Daffodils English School, Bangalore, 2-Dec-2012)

I had a very good experience coming over here. All the instructors are great. I have learnt how to lead a simple life from you all. Thank you Guru Freddy Sir, for opening such a good place for all of us.” (Prof. Prathibha Raj, Acharya Business School, Bangalore, 5-Sep-2013)

It’s a tremendous adventurous trip. We Oasis people have enjoyed it a lot. Food was marvellous. People were cordial and overall it’s a tremendous life time experience. Thank you all.” (Madhusudan, Principal – Oasis International School – PU College, 11-Jan-2014)

“The students enjoyed the whole experience. Safety was ensured. Food was superb.” (Banumathy G, Teacher – Candor International School, Bangalore, 17-Jan-2014)

First exciting overnight trip that our school has gone for. The students and us teachers enjoyed ourselves. Most of all, the objective of this camp was achieved. Guru Freddy’s camp is a sure package of fun, excitement, and learning. Loved it.” (Miss Rachel, Teacher – Candor International School, Bangalore, 19-Jan-2014)