Since 1984, 20 hectares of the adjoining area of the Academy has been continuously afforested. The intention has been to “develop and become” a model Ecological Biosphere expanding and replicating itself.  Thousands of saplings are planted every year. Through environmental activism, quarrying in this area has been stopped in the past and what was previously a dry rocky barren hillock is now full of greenery.

Many inexpensive check dams have been built across seasonal streams, which conserve flow of rain water that would otherwise go waste, thus raising the water table, making it available for agriculture and for animals during the dry months. An earthen dam of 8 metres high and 40 metres long, across a stream (nala) has been constructed over an area of two acres.

Hence, there is a thick growth of various types of bamboos and several thousands of indigenous tree species like tamarind, oil nut, neem, gooseberry etc. growing side by side and rejuvenating forest life year after year. The richness of the Flora and Fauna in and around the Academy is a major attraction for environmentalists, researchers, doctors and specialists from Ayurvedic/ Herbal medicinal backgrounds. A very vast range of medicinal plants have been identified by Ayurvedic experts.

The whole area is fully regenerated and has become a protected living-space for a host of thriving species of birds and animals. One can even catch a glimpse of wild animals like deer, peacocks, panthers, sloth bears, boars, porcupines, hares, monitor lizards and occasional visit of elephants.

All this has resulted in a significant change in the micro-climate of the area, which goes a long way in imparting practical knowledge of the eco-system. It is the intention to “develop and become” a model Ecological Biosphere expanding and replicating itself. Every day, every year, we march on towards this END…..