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Our institution upholds the eternal values of – The Ancient Gurukula System of Training – for imparting experiential knowledge on development of human character.


We believe, building a strong character involves 2 things. a) Knowledge of 1st principles (apriori wisdom) which provide reference points in life and b) Skill development for application of these principles in personal life for success and happiness in life.


Our Trainings focus on Character building through Physical activities and provide a foundation for developing Life skills which supports our participants to unfold and take home, joyous results of – Will power, Strength and Accomplishment in self.


All our training programs are designed for having ‘fun in learning’ using adventure as a tool and concentrates on 2 facets.  a) Build an individual’s strengths for overcoming limitations b) Empower for healthy group synergy and target achievement.


All our trainings are amidst raw nature for initiating a Life-Style change sequence through change in consciousness for simplicity, moderation, purpose, commitment and determined striving.

Path of Life

Simple Living, High Thinking is the path we put people on. Never Give In, Never Give Up – till the Goal is achieved – is the training we impart.


Only Groups / Teams (with a minimum head count of 15 to 20 members) may apply for our Training. It is not open for individuals.

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Adventure Trips



What people say about us

  • “This place makes me feel like I’m still in Switzerland. It is like Switzerland in India.”

    - Oskar from Switzerland: Multiple visits to Academy– 2013 to 2016
  • First exciting overnight trip that our school has gone for. The students and us teachers enjoyed ourselves. Most of all, the objective of this camp was achieved. Guru Freddy’s camp is a sure package of fun, excitement, and learning. Loved it.”

    - Miss Rachel, Teacher – Candor International School, Bangalore, 19-Jan-2014
  • “Guru Freddy’s camp was an awesome experience for us all. We never knew each one of us had an amazing skill of sustaining ourselves. With all your instructions and assistance, our confidence in team work and leadership has immensely improved. We want to sincerely thank all the instructors and assistant instructors for the patience they held all this time. We would also like to thank the cooks who made and served us food. It was very tasty and healthy. All of us enjoyed it to the fullest. Finally we would like to add that this was a brilliant experience for us all. Hope to come again. Keep up the good work. God bless.”



    - Rudolph Fernandes, Hotel Management Group, Christ University, Bangalore,   2-Jul-2010
  • “We had a wonderful experience. We had to face challenges which helped us to overcome our fear and make us confident. The trainers are great and we learnt a lot of knowledge from them. The way of their training was superb. Given a chance, we will be visiting here again.”

    - Abid, Center in Charge – Muay Thai India, Pan India Martial Arts Team, 6-Dec-2011